New Website

Woo hoo! Finally my new website design is live and if I do say so myself…pretty darn awesome! Thanks Evan for doing such a great job! (I will rent him out 😉 but he’s mine LOL)

There are a bunch of new features on my site, including this blog. I LOVE to talk to readers, and along with my newsletter, which I encourage you to sign up for, I’ll be posting a blog about once a month or whenever something newsworthy is happening. I’ll have guest authors, giveaways, news about upcoming books, pictures, recipes…oh my!

If you happen to stumble across any little glitches, please let me know. We did test the site, but you never know when something could go awry.

Thanks for finding me here in my little place of cyber-land and I hope you come back again soon.

Shana xoxox