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Contest – Free Read – Wedding!!

Hi all,

It’s late in the day and I’m sorry my post is also at the end of the day. It’s been a busy week in my house. My oldest son was married on Friday. My other son flew in from Whistler, BC, to be his best man and then flew back home! I miss him already.

They wanted a simple ceremony, so it was a small wedding, with parents only. She had her sister as maid of honour. After the wedding and a few photo’s – I took the ones below – we gathered for a small luncheon afterward. Their main goal is to buy a house and have a honeymoon next year and I have a feeling babies won’t be too far behind. They went to Niagara Falls for a few days as an escape.


My two boys and my new daughter-in-law.


Plus I received edits for THE NASHVILLE BET, 3rd book in the Girls Weekend Away series AND I’m writing the 4th book A MATCH MADE IN MONACO. Here’s a peek of the all the covers.

Remember I mentioned a series contest a few months ago? This is a little reminder about it. Each book has it’s own special theme, and then there is a theme that runs through all the books. After the 4th book comes out on Valentines Day next year, I will put up the contest entry. The trick is though, you have to read all the books to find out the theme. There will be a pretty cool prize too!

I’ve created a reader group on Facebook — Shana’s Secret Readers. So if you’d like to join the group, please send a request.

I’m still giving away a free read to those that sign up for my newsletter. Here’s the link to my erotic romance Hot Fusion.

MEET ME IN SAN FRANCISCO received a wonderful review from The Reading Cafe  If you love a book, do it a favour and leave a review!

“Romance, humor, amazing friends and sexy characters are always good things.  If you’re a fan of those things, you’ll love this series.  Well done, Shana Gray!  Very, very well done!”

For all my book links, the best place to get them is on my website. So please click HERE for links to all the books and WORKING GIRL is still .99c!


It was a sea of cowboy hats, western shirts, jean covered asses, and, right in front of him, was a woman with the most sparkly boots he’d ever seen. She was stumbling all over herself, trying to keep up with the music, and he smiled. This must be her first time line dancing.

Chase put his hands on his hips and swung into the steps like he’d been born to do. Which he supposed he had. But he couldn’t drag his gaze away from the woman in front of him.

He watched her ass swing in the saucy dress she had on. The skirt, ending mid-thigh, swished as she moved. Her long legs disappeared into the boots. For the first time in a long time, he felt himself grow aroused.

The next steps had them turning around and he hesitated, hoping to catch a glimpse of Sparkle Boots as she twirled around, but Daisy yanked hard.

“Hey, what the—” He grumbled at her.

“Concentrate, Chase. Come on.” Daisy gave him a fierce glare.

But it was like he could feel the woman behind him and once facing back in the other direction, he couldn’t pull his gaze away from her. He was amused at how badly she danced. She was with a bunch of friends and they were all laughing. Even her. It was obvious her friends knew what they were doing and were helping her learn the steps. He couldn’t help giving a low chuckle as she nearly tripped over herself again.

He gave her credit, though, she was trying. This song ended and he was about to make an escape back to the bar.

“Oh, no you don’t, mister.” Daisy grabbed his hand and held him in place. “We got a few more sets to do.”

Chase gave her an exaggerated groan. “Seriously? You said one dance.”

“I lied.” She batted her eyelashes as she squeezed his hand. “Oh, ‘Friends in Low Places.’ Don’t you just love Garth. And, if I didn’t know better, I’d say this was your song.” Daisy poked him playfully in the chest with her pointy nail.

“Oww, watch those claws.” Chase took her fingertips, lifted her hand high, and twirled her. “Plus, I could easily take offense to you comparing me to the song. I’ve had my share of knowing high society girls, and they’re not my cup of tea. Give me a girl who can strip down a tractor, or go fishing and not squirm taking her catch off the hook.”

“Music to my ears, my man,” Daisy told him.

The next dance step called for a reverse and shuffle backwards. He was moving without having to think about it. His mind sorta wandered and the next thing he knew, he smacked into somebody. It was like a freight train had hit him. Chase heard a clatter and feminine squeals from behind, then some raised voices. He spun around, but hadn’t let go of Daisy’s hand quickly enough so he basically flung her onto the pile of women on the floor in front of him.

Had he mowed them all down? Good lord. Chase leapt forward to try and help.

“What the hell, Chase!” Daisy reached up and grabbed his hand. He hauled her off the pile. “What was that? You know how to dance.” She stared up at him, hands on her hips.

“I was doing the steps. They must have lost their feet.” He turned and looked at the ladies on the floor, they were killing themselves laughing. Clearly they were drunk and having the time of their lives.

He leaned over and picked them all up, one by one, setting them on their feet until he saw the last woman at the bottom. Sparkle Boots. She laid on the scuffed hardwood floor, with thick auburn hair covering her face, her skirt hiked up to her hips, allowing him a delicious peek of a pair of hot pink panties, and he couldn’t drag his gaze from her legs. He was poleaxed.


Contest & Happily Ever Afters

Hello readers!

Popping in here to tell you I’m visiting my friend Lexi Post’s blog today – Happily Ever After Thoughts ! Lexi and I met years ago when we were with another publisher together. She invited me down to her island for a visit. She used to live on St Croix and I was so thrilled she asked me to come. I had the best time there and even edited a book that was eventually published — AFTER THE HURT.

I hope you pop over to Lexi’s blog to visit and find out more about my GIRLS WEEKEND AWAY series contest.

Have a great Sunday!!

And for all you pumpkin spice loving folk out there…happy spicy season!  Oh, and Rabbits! My mom used to say that the first of everything month, now I do.

💥 New Release T -8 Days! ⭐ 5 Star Reviews! .99 SALE 💥

Are you ready? A week tomorrow Meet Me in San Francisco, the 2nd book in the Girls Weekend Away series will be out in the wild! I can’t believe how fast it’s come up. I just love this story about Celia and Landon, and I hope you will too! It’s already getting some great reviews.

– 5 STAR, Meet Me in San Francisco a five-star read that will whisk you away — Goodreads
– 5 STAR, Omg!! Landon is truly sexy beast, I mean, he is a knight in shining amour — Goodreads
– 5 STAR, I adored this book — Goodreads

I’m so thrilled with these first reviews, they touch my heart. I hope you give the book a read, and you can find it for preorder everywhere, but one stop shop here at my Website I’m eager to hear what you think of Celia and Landon’s love story. Coming December is The Nashville Bet and next Valentine’s Day is A Match Made in Monaco.

Did you know you can buy Working Girl for just .99 right now? What a great sale for a great big read. Not for long though!

UK / EU / World Cover
North American cover









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Wild fires and Pre-order

Can you believe it’s the 19th of August? I certainly can’t and I can tell you this. I. Am. Not. Looking. Forward. To. Winter. I’m a summer girl all the way. I live just NW of Toronto, in a small town and we’ve had a wonderful summer. Yes, it’s been dry, but we’ve had some rocking storms sweep through. I’d rather thunder and lightning any day over snow and freezing rain.

How has the weather been where you live? You might remember my son lives and works in Whistler, British Columbia…he sent me these photos of the smoke haze. He’s been suffering from headaches and unable to sleep because of them. All due to the smoke. I hope rain comes soon to BC to help relieve all the fires. It’s so scary.

This is the normal view.
This is with all the smoke.

This was today, a bit clearer.

All my thoughts, hopes and prayers go to the fire fighters, the people impacted by the fires in BC, Ontario, California, Greece and others where fires burn.

In July the first book came out in my Girls Weekend Away Series. WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS. I shared the release news last month. And it’s so hard to believe in just another month book 2 will be coming out MEET ME IN SAN FRANCISCO. This is the first peek of the UK/World cover. I’m still waiting for the North American cover. Don’t you just love it! Here’s the LINK for UK/World edition. All my books are available on my WEBSITE

The single mom…

When Celia Fox’s ex-husband serves her with custody papers during the same weekend he’s getting remarried, she expects things to go downhill from there. So when her best friends show up to whisk her away for a girls’ getaway to San Francisco, it’s just what the doctor ordered. Add in the chance to see Landon Bryant again, and she can’t wait for the weekend to begin.

And the playboy millionaire…

Landon and Celia shared stolen moments of passion in Vegas, and Landon hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since. He knows she’s under pressure to hold her family together, but he’s determined to prove he’s there for her – and that she deserves some fun of her own.

Are about to get wild. 

As Celia rediscovers who she used to be and her relationship with Landon deepens, she begins to believe he’s someone she can rely on. But Celia has been keeping a secret from everyone – if the truth comes out, will they play it safe or take a leap of faith?

Look for the other Girls’ Weekend Away novels, including What Happens In Vegas!

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Each book in the Girls Weekend Away series are interconnected stand alones. So don’t worry if you haven’t read the 1st one, you won’t be lost. But, if you want to get ready for MEET ME IN SAN FRANCISCO and book 3 and 4, now titled THE NASHVILLE BET & A MATCH MADE IN MONACO grab book 1 now!



Cover and buy links for North American release with Entangled Publishing coming soon.

What Happens in Vegas! #NewRelease #Giveaway

I’m so excited that WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS is live. Have you picked up your copy yet? I hope you do and please, I would be grateful if you loved the book that you leave a review on Goodreads, Amazon, iBooks, Kobo xoxo

My publisher is currently running a contest that will end at Midnight today, GMT so go and check out twitter for the details!

I’m also going to have a special Series Contest! When book 4 comes out around Valentine’s Day 2019, the contest will close and the winner will be announced. Watch for details in upcoming newsletters and on my website. You’ll have to read all four books to find out the answer! Sneaky huh 🙂  I also think my UK publisher is going to do another little contest as well, but I don’t have the details for that just yet.

So! Happy release day to WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS!

Love to all!
Shana xo



North America
UK, Europe, World

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In the first warm, funny and romantic novel in the Girls Weekend Away series, four best friends embark on the ultimate girls’ getaway filled with hijinks and a sprinkling of romance.

Have you been to Vegas? I’ve been a few times, and I was there once in September when it was so hot on the golf course I thought I was going to melt. I do love Vegas, and one day will go back. Hey! Maybe with a bunch of girlfriends!


Here’s a little fun challenge I was asked to do on the title of the book, the first in book in my Girls Weekend Away series. That’s right, there are four books in this series each one set in a different location and following the shenanigans of one of the friends. The next book coming in September is title MEET ME IN SAN FRANCISCO.




W – weekend
H – happy
A – adventures
T – temptation

H – hero
A – away
P – poker
P – passion
E – escape
N – new beginnings
S – slots

I – intense
N – nightlife

V – vacation!
E – excitement
G – girls
A – adventure
S – sex

Sound fun? I hope you think so. We all know what can happen when a bunch of girlfriends go away for a weekend. And this book take begins an exciting weekend vacation full of adventure and shenanigans of four girlfriends, Bonni, Celia, Ava and Fredi.

Can I tease you with a few opening lines?

Bonni found a perfect spot in the bar. She was early, of course, to scope things out and get the lay of the land. Situated in the center of the casino, it was up three steps and gave a good vantage point. She settled in the chair with her back to the decorative wall behind her. A lawman never put his back to the door. It had been ingrained into her; first by her dad when she was a kid and then by her training officer in the police academy. Always be aware of your surroundings, have a backup plan, and know your escape route.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Whenever I write a book, there is always an element of fact to it. Whether it be just the location, or perhaps an event, something that happened while I was away somewhere, it could be any number of things. I decided to come up with 5 Fun Facts – at least I hope they’re fun! – about WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS.

  • Vegas baby! Isn’t that fun in itself? Going to Vegas means all kinds of shenanigans can happen. And they do in this book 🙂 as they can in real life too!
  • I’ve been to all the locations in this book, with the exception of where they go in the helicopter. Next time I go to Vegas, I’m going to go where the girls went.
  • In Vegas you’re allowed to carry drinks along The Strip. It’s not uncommon to see many drunk people stumbling all around. And I do admit, on one trip that was me and blame it on Fat Tuesday’s and the time change from Toronto to Vegas. It can be a killer. There is a little scene reflective of this in the book.
  • The idea for the Girls Weekend Away series was inspired by a promotional video I saw a year ago for a casino in Niagara Falls, Canada.
  •  There is a certain alcoholic beverage that has found its way into each of the books in The Girls Weekend Away series. I challenge you readers to figure it out and let me know once the fourth book comes –which will be around Valentine’s Day. I will do a giveaway, so watch for the contest over the next months on my Facebook page, Instagram and my website.

Writing the poker scenes in this book was challenging. While I am not an expert poker player by any stretch of the imagination, I have played Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘em and have watched World Poker Tour — and between you and me I’ve always had a crush on Vince Van Patton. I even tweeted him when I was doing research, hoping for a reply, which I never got *cries* … I digress … What I find amazingly funny, though, is how suddenly I can no longer add when I’m playing poker. My fingers come in very useful for adding up 9 + 8.

Here is a question for you guys. If you won big money on the slots in a casino, what would you do with it? How would you spend it? Just for the heck of it, let’s say you won $100,000.

Im so thrilled to share my new release WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS with you all. Release Day is July 24. But it is available for preorder now.

I’d be thrilled if you signed up for my newsletter at my website I’ll also post news of the upcoming Girls Weekend Away books on my site. And if you’re on Goodreads I’m over there too!

Take care and I hope the rest of your summer is fabulous!

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS is coming real soon and you can preorder now by clicking over to my BOOKS page

NEW RELEASE!!!!! A sexy interview…..

Working Girl is out today as a complete volume! Yes, you can find all the sexy Mr Days-of-the-Week in one book! It’s a fabulous story that I hope you read, if you haven’t already. xoxoxo

 A sexy seven-day job interview. Seven irresistible interviewers. Who will she choose at the end of the week?

Working Girl is a sexy new story, perfect for fans of Audrey Carlan’s Calendar Girl, Helen Hardt and Rhyannon Byrd.

Tess has been determined to get revenge for her father, ever since he was falsely accused of misusing company funds and unceremoniously let go from Diamond Enterprises. Applying to be Executive Assistant to the elusive, elderly head of the company, Mr King, seems the ideal way to get inside the firm and clear his name.

But the job interview is not what she expects. Arriving at the company HQ, she is escorted to a helicopter, blindfolded and flown to a secret location. She meets a man whose voice is disguised, but introduces him

self as Mr King and says the job advertisement was a ruse to find the new CEO of Diamond Enterprises. The catch, the interviewer says, is that the job will only be hers if she passes a seven-day interview.

Tess will have seven mysterious men who will assist her – one for each task each day. She will have to use all of her skills if she’s to succeed and to resist the powerful magnetism of the irresistible men sent to help – or distract – her. Or will Tess find herself losing her heart when she meets her man of the week?

Mr Monday, Mr Tuesday, Mr Wednesday, Mr Thursday, Mr Friday, Mr Saturday, Mr Sunday. Meet all seven in Working Girl – who will be your man of the week?


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Amazon AU: 



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We Beat the January Blues!

Blue Monday passed us by and February is just a day away. Do you find you feel down after Christmas? And if you do, what is your solution to bringing happy back?

I know I love it when the sun is out. I feel lighter and more optimistic. A new year is ahead of us and I wish you all a great one.

A lot is happening this year both in personal and professional life for me. I’m dying to tell you about something, I just can’t do it yet, but I am working on something new. Hopefully by my next blog in February I’ll be able to spill the beans.

I went way to visit my son over Christmas. You might have seen some of my posts on Facebook. He’s working in Whistler as a chef. It was wonderful to see him and also great to do a little bit of research for a book that is on submission. The hero in that one is a billionaire businessman posing as an earthy ski instructor with big bushy beard and Lumberjack clothes! So keep your fingers crossed on that one.

A few pictures. I think I fell in love with Whistler. We took the gondola up the mountain then the Peak to Peak gondola between Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain peak. That was amazing and in my opinion a marvel of engineering.

Peak to Peak Gondola
All the closed runs due to the storm on the mountain.
Me and you know who!

Working Girl is coming out February 6th with my publisher, Headline Eternal in the UK, in the complete format. All the mister days of the week have been combined into one full volume. I was super excited about this because that means now you can get the story of Tess and all her men in one place. If you haven’t given Working Girl a chance, I really hope you do.

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Other than that I’m a little low on news but that goes with the flow I suppose. Happy New Year!


Shana Gray is a hybrid author who was first published in 2010. She has written contemporary erotic romances for multiple publishers including Harlequin Blaze, Random House, and Headline and is also an indie author. Her stories range from scorching quickie length to longer full-length novels. She’s the author of international top sell Working Girl, which has been translated into six languages. Shana’s passion is to enjoy life! She lives in Ontario, but loves to travel and see the world, be with family, friends and experience the beauty that surrounds us.
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November is a lot of things to me. My son, aka Chef Son, was born November 15. He’s now 27! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. My brother’s birthday is on the 16th and I totally forgot to send him a card 🙁 Meat Man’s birthday is on the 25th, he’ll be 53 and my brother and his wife will have their 27th Wedding anniversary on the 25th too. I mustn’t forget to send them a card! So it’s a busy month.

The other thing about November for me is darkness. I seem to assign color to each month and for me November is grey and dreary. The approaching of winter and the darker months.

A couple of moody but still pretty pics I took on the drive to Northern Ontario a few weeks ago when we visited Meat Man’s daughter up in New Liskeard. Very close to the Quebec border.

And for the first time I’m actually taking part in Nano. Are you doing it? I’m about 10k in to a new book, and I know I won’t reach the goal, but that’s okay. Even with nano, I still believe everyone goes at their own pace and shouldn’t feel pressure. But that’s just me 🙂

This month Diamond Men have been released on a steady schedule. It is the German translation of Working Girl.

I am sitting on some news that I hope I can share next month. Which will be December of course. December’s colours are sparkly white and red but with an overall back ground of black. Weird huh.

Another big thing is on Wednesday Chef Son is heading west. He’s going out to work at Chateau Fairmont Whistler. So my baby will be gone. I’m hoping to visit him over Christmas. So you see, this November has been just crazy!

Big news! Is anyone here in the UK? I’m heading over to RARE18 in February. I’ll be signing at the After Dark Party. I’m so thrilled to be part of the RARE family now! Let me know if you’re in the UK

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Oh, and did you wonder why I titled this post Mo-Vember? Is your man growing his moustache? Mo-Vember is mens’ health awareness month, especially for his nether bits!

Guten Morgen!

Wie viele von Ihnen sprechen Deutsch? Ich muss und muss keine Übersetzungs-App verwenden, also bitte vergib mir schreckliche Fehler.

Die englische Übersetzung wird unten sein. *** English translation below***

Ich liebe den Namenswechsel von Working Girl zu Diamond Men für diese Serie. Und die Cover sind wunderbar!

Ich freue mich sehr, Working Girl in der 5. Sprache veröffentlicht zu haben! Deutsche ! Mit dem Verleger #MiraTaschenbuch.

Sieben Tage – sieben Prüfungen – sieben unwiderstehliche Männer! Für wen wird Tess sich entscheiden?

Tess‘ einziger Wunsch? Rache! Diamond Enterprises hat ihren Vater ruiniert und sie will es dem Konzern heimzahlen. Deshalb bewirbt sie sich als Assistentin des Firmenbosses. Eine Woche soll sie nun täglich bei einem anderen Chef vorstellen.

Teil 1:

Das erste Bewerbungsgespräch mit dem faszinierenden Mr. Monday, der sie in einem Helikopter entführt, lenkt Tess gefährlich von ihren Vergeltungsplänen ab …

Links kaufen – Buy Links

Die Bücher sind jetzt fertig zum Vorbestellen!

Amazon German

Harper Collins – Germany MIRA Taschenbuch

“Herr. Montag “am 30. Oktober und veröffentlichen Sie dann ein E-Book pro Woche. Am 12. Dezember wird der gedruckte Roman erhältlich sein.

Hast du irgendwelche meiner anderen Bücher gelesen? Ich habe ein paar auf Deutsch. Bitte überprüfen Sie mein Amazon-Profil für die Buchliste. Und wie geil es ist, bin ich in einem Buch mit Jill Shalvis und Leslie Kelly!


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With the publisher #MiraTaschenbuch, Harper Collins Germany. “Mr. Monday” will be released on the 30th of October and then published an e-book per week. On the 12th of December the print novel will be available.

I’m very excited to have Working Girl published in the 5th language! German! I love the name change from #WorkingGirl to #DiamondMen for this series. And the covers are wonderful!

I have a few other books out in German. The covers are above. And how awesome is it I’m in a book with Jill Shalvis and Leslie Kelly!

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