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My granddaughter spent the last three days and two nights with me while mommy and daddy did the moving gig. It was the first time she’d been away from them for more than a usual one night. She was an angel. We have fun, learn nature, play with the pets, and spend lots of time outdoors. She loves to sit on the counter and watch/help me cook.

She left about 1030 this morning and I’m absolutely shattered! Even Hiro, my golden is whacked and sleeps wherever he drops. Oh, and the cats all go into hiding and they’re coming out now too. So I went for a nap and just woke up. It’s 330 in the afternoon. I think I could stay in bed, but I promised Tina I’d get a blog up.

I adore my little cherub and this move for them is two hours away from me, which I’m sad about. It’s not super far, but far enough that it won’t be as easy to visit at the drop of a hat. I have a feeling next year I might be pulling up stakes as well.



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